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Pilot Program

Featuring the Sure-Loc Cart Lock with GravityPLUS technology!

Securing a greener tomorrow— today.

At last year's CRRA show, Serio-Us Lock launched our Pilot Program using our Sure-Loc on recycling and organics carts to help cities and municipalities develop evidence-based solutions to their organics and other waste stream diversion challenges. View some of our sustainability resources below:

The Sure-Loc & Sustainability

The purpose of the Pilot Program is to show that use of the Sure-Loc on a wide-scale eliminates contamination which ensures that recyclable and organics don't end up in landfills, and increases participation by making separating waste streams easier for the individual, which is absolutely key in implementing a sustainability program. 

The Sure-Loc secures waste disposed of in carts (recycling, organics, etc.) using its GravityPLUS technology. The lock knows the difference between getting knocked over and getting serviced—meaning that the container will stay locked if it is tipped or knocked over, and will only open if it is dumped or serviced by an ASL. Properly securing these carts make them wind and animal-resistant, preventing spillage, leachate, and contamination.

The Sure-Loc also makes it easy and convenient for homeowners and businesses to use. In combination with the Sure-Loc's easy one-handed operation, the GravityPLUS technology ensures that the lock knows how to perform in all directions. By implementing the Sure-Loc in your sustainability program, homeowners and businesses don't have to go through the trouble of finding their own way to secure their waste, and it eliminates user error when it comes to the carts being placed on the curb for service. 

GravityPLUS technology also makes servicing the containers more efficient. The Sure-Loc knows how to work under a load. Any basic gravity lock will fail when a cart is overstuffed or when trash falls against the lid during the dump cycle, but the Sure-Loc is designed to "kick" the gravity mechanism into motion, even under a load. This will decrease the amount of "unserviceable" containers for your haulers, and make disposing of recyclable or organics waste even easier for the community.

Use Cases & Updates


Pilot Program- O'ahu, Honolulu

Colorful Garbage Bins

Pilot Program- Woodland, CA

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SB1383: Lessons from the Field


The Sure-Loc and SB1383

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