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Serio-US® Lock: Essential to Your SB1383 Solution!

With deadlines fast approaching, we know the SB1383 Mandate is on everyone's mind. As the industry-leading manufacturer of automatic gravity container locks, Serio-US® Lock is here to provide our expert solutions for California cities and municipalities to aid in meeting the requirements (and intent!) of SB1383.

In this article:

Why Serio-US® Lock?

For over thirty years, Serio-US® Lock has provided automated gravity locks for commercial dumpsters that keep containers secure to reduce contamination and theft, while keeping drivers from exiting their trucks— contributing to driver safety, cutting down on service time, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In the journey from the truck to the end point (landfill, MRF, AD facility, etc.), the waste is secured and free from the prospect of contamination in the trucks or facilities. But what about before the truck gets to the container? At Serio-US Lock, our innovations serve the function of securing the waste stream, and in turn, the organics and recyclables streams as well. We ensure the waste is secure when it’s in a dumpster behind a business or in a cart on the curb, when they would otherwise not be protected and therefore vulnerable to contamination or theft.

The Innovative Sure-Loc

Over five years ago, we began researching and developing a residential cart lock to add to our line of dumpster locks. We quickly found that in order to optimize the function of our lock, it had to always open when dumped from any direction, but must also always stay closed when knocked over from any direction. As a solution-focused innovator, the engineering team at Serio-US® Lock developed the patented Sure-Loc™ to solve both problems!

Pest & Wind-Resistant. The pest and wind-resistance of the Sure-Loc™ ensures the container's lid always opens and closes, but only when it's supposed to. Animals and humans are prevented from opening the container by grabbing the lid or pushing the cart over, and the wind cannot blow the lid open or blow the cart over-- preventing litter, leachate, and odor from getting out and preventing precipitation from getting in.

Enhances Collection Efficiency. The Smart Lock feature of the Sure-Loc™ "knows" the difference between being dumped and knocked over. The engineering team at Serio-US® Lock also developed and patented Omni-Direct™ Technology, ensuring the cart can open when dumped from any direction.

End-User Conscious. The Sure-Loc™ provides the benefits without creating child safety issues because of built-in child safety features. The Sure-Loc™ features a glow-in-the-dark push button child safety release inside of the container, as well as the ability to override the automatic latching feature so that manual latching is required-- preventing children from locking themselves in the container inadvertently.

Promotes Community Safety. The limited access provided by the Sure-Loc™ reduces danger to the homeless, disadvantaged, and food-vulnerable communities of food-poisoning and foodborne illnesses from unsecured organics carts and dumpsters.

How The Sure-LocFits Into Your SB1383 Plans

While your SB1383 Plans are on your desk, we want to make sure that you’re aware of exactly how Serio-US Lock (the waste industry’s leading manufacturer of automatic gravity container locks) and our patented Sure-Loc™ can play a significant role on your road to meeting SB1383’s organics landfill disposal reduction targets.

  • Provides an essential component of any enforcement plan (14 CCR Division 7, chapter 12, Articles 14 and 16) by making it possible to conclusively assign responsibility to the violating generator (i.e., if the containers are not secured, any accused generator can argue that the contaminants were placed in the cart by someone else).

  • Prevents “prohibited container contaminants” (14 CCR §18982(14)) from being placed in carts when they are set out for collection

  • Helps with education and outreach (14 CCR §18985.1) by reminding the homeowner that the separated materials in the container are valuable to the community and program, further encouraging homeowners to "not place prohibited container contaminants in a collection container" in violation of 14 CCR §18984.5(a).

  • Provides a container that best meets the definition of Covered Container (14 CCR Section 17402 (a)(2)) for Direct Transfer Facilities and Waste Hauling Yard Operations (“a container that is covered to prevent the migration of litter from the container, excessive infiltration of precipitation, odor and leachate production, and to prevent access by animals and people; thereby controlling litter, scavenging, and illegal dumping of prohibited wastes”).

Having assessed the SB1383 landscape in a comprehensive way, we know that the Sure-Loc™ can play a significant role on the road to meeting SB1383’s organics landfill disposal reduction targets. In addition, our research uniquely positions us to help identify potential challenges and design solutions. We are here to help!


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