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for Municipalities

By reducing spillage, leachate, access to scavengers, and risk of contamination, and ensuring protection of recycling and organics, Serio-US Lock has proved that our automatic locks are essential to any sustainability program. 

What do automatic locks have to do with sustainability?

As sustainability practices evolve in the waste management industry, municipalities have sought to divide the waste stream to increase the diversion of recycling and organics waste, and decrease the waste making its way to landfills. This makes securing the dumpsters and carts that contain recycling and organics more important than ever, as it prevents contamination and spillage that diverts these otherwise recyclable or reusable commodities to landfills. We explore the idea further in this Waste Advantage article. Automatic locks also make for more efficient routes for haulers, eliminating the need for pointless idling of their trucks and drastically reducing the GHG emitted.

The Innovative Sure-Loc with GravityPLUS

When it comes to properly securing the waste, recycling, and organics streams with a plastic cart, a basic gravity lock just doesn't work. Only the Sure-Loc with GravityPLUS does the complete job!


Knows the difference between getting knocked over and getting serviced. Any basic gravity lock will fail when a plastic cart is knocked over because the gravity mechanism is designed to unlock when the cart is tipped. Our GravityPLUS technology overrides the gravity mechanism. The Sure-Loc keeps the container locked when knocked over — even off of a curb!


Knows how to perform in all directions. Any basic gravity lock will fail to unlock when dumped sideways or backwards by an ASL, and will unlock when a cart is knocked forward, because the gravity mechanism is designed to function in only one direction. Our GravityPLUS technology is omni-directional. When dumped by an ASL, the Sure-Loc unlocks regardless of which way the container is facing. If the container is knocked over in any direction, the Sure-Loc stays locked.


Knows how to work under a load. Any basic gravity lock will fail when a cart is overstuffed with debris or when trash falls against the lid during the dump cycle, because the gravity mechanism gets pinched due to the load being placed on the lid. Our GravityPLUS technology overcomes the load. The Sure-LOC is designed to "kick" the gravity mechanism into motion, even under a load.


Pilot Program

Last year, Serio-US Lock launched a Pilot Program designed to assist community officials in developing evidence-backed solutions to solve organics and other waste-stream diversion challenges.

We have since helped several cities and municipalities in taking huge steps towards their sustainability goals.

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