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for Haulers

Your customers want to lock their containers. You want to keep your drivers in the truck and keep your trucks moving. Only Serio-US Lock can make everyone happy!

So... why do your customers want to lock their containers?

We know that initially, it seems like extra work and hassle. Ultimately, though, implementing Serio-US Locks on your customers containers turns that around to increase customer satisfaction and grow your business!

Stop Illegal
Maintain Cleanliness
Keep Out Animals
ID Theft
Prevent Dumpster Diving

For more details on why your customers want locks, read our blog post linked below!

But what's in it for you?

The answer here is more than just the great customer service you're able to give your customers. The implications of implementing Serio-US Locks on the containers you service impact your drivers, your ability to grow your business, and your business's impact on the environment.


Increases Driver Safety. Staying in the truck provides protection from injuries while entering and exiting the vehicle, injuries from falls in inclement weather, and—perhaps the most important in a post-2020 world— protection from contagious viruses and diseases by keeping the driver away from potentially contaminated trash and containers. 


Improves Route Efficiency. Drivers having to continually exit the vehicle to service containers that have been secured by customer-installed locks increases idle time, and ultimately cost for your business. Serio-US Lock's automatic locks eliminate the need for drivers to exit the vehicle entirely— instead increasing time and cost-efficiency. 


Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Each time the driver has to leave the truck, there is up to 6 minutes of needless idling at each stop— that is up to 5.2 hours per dumpster per year! Serio-US Locks open automatically and completely eliminates needless idling, reducing CO2 emissions by 371 tons per city per year.  

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