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The Top 5 Reasons Your Customers Want Locks

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

More and more of your customers are asking for locks on their containers, which initially seems like extra work and hassle for you. But what if you could turn that around to increase customer satisfaction and grow your business?

Turning locks into a positive, customer-pleasing, business-growing part of your operations starts with understanding why your customers want their waste containers locked.

Here are five major benefits that are driving your customers to ask for container locks:

1. Stopping Illegal Dumping

This is by far the number one reason for your commercial customers. Nothing is more annoying than going to the dumpster only to find someone else’s trash is already there! But even for homeowners, unsecured waste containers can be a target for illegal dumping, especially as pay-as-you-throw and other recycling initiatives are implemented. This not only creates an eyesore for the community but can also be hazardous if the waste contains dangerous materials. By locking waste containers, end-users can prevent illegal dumping and keep their business and neighborhoods safe and clean.

2. Maintaining Cleanliness for Home/Business

Unsecured waste containers present the opportunity for waste that has been properly disposed of to become litter– whether by providing access to pests or making it easy for wind to knock over carts, and whip open dumpster lids, blowing the waste out of the container. Your customers hate having to pick up the trash and put it in the container a second time! Unsecured containers can also lead to rainwater washing “dumpster juice” out of the container, around the property, and down drains, attracting more pests and perpetuating a cycle that ultimately leads to unsanitary conditions for homes and businesses. By securing waste containers with a lock, end-users can keep their properties clean and free from pests, and haulers can ensure that waste that has been disposed of goes to its intended destination.

3. Keeping Animals and Rodents Out

Speaking of pests, locking waste containers can also help prevent animals and rodents from accessing the waste, tearing apart bags and creating more litter for your customers. Not only does this make a mess for your customers, it also attracts more animals increasing the chances of human/animal confrontations and injuries. This is especially important in residential areas where bears, raccoons, and other animals may be attracted to unsecured waste. Serio-US Lock received the following testimonial from a hauler in the Pacific Northwest/ Canadian Southwest:

“We placed the Sure-Loc at residences with bear issues and discovered it is enough of a deterrent that the bears are seeking other means of nourishment.”

4. Reducing the Risk of ID Theft

Believe it or not, unsecured waste can also pose a risk for identity theft– one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, affecting millions of Americans each year. Dumpster diving is a common practice for identity thieves, who can use discarded documents containing personal and financial information to steal someone’s identity. And more and more identity thieves are targeting your customers’ residential carts left at the curb overnight. In addition to collecting and properly disposing of documents containing sensitive information, the easiest thing an individual or business can do to protect themselves is to lock their waste containers.

5. Protect the Homeless & Prevent Dumpster Diving

Unsecured waste containers can also pose a risk to the homeless population. Dumpster diving is a common practice among individuals experiencing homelessness who may search for food, clothing, or shelter in waste containers. However, this can be dangerous and lead to accidents, sickness, or injuries. By locking waste containers, end-users can prevent unauthorized access and protect the homeless population from potential harm.


As a trash hauler, you can improve customer service and open new accounts by helping end-users meet their need to maintain a clean and safe business environment. Offering Serio-US Lock’s wide range of gravity-based container locks makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your customers’ needs and ensure compliance with waste management regulations. For years we have been equipping hundreds of hauler sales teams with free personalized flyers that highlight locking benefits for prospective customers and help close more sales! To request flyers for your sales team, click the link below.


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