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The Sure-Loc in Honolulu

Just three months into implementation and with the help of Serio-US Lock's Sure-Loc cart locks, The O'ahu Compost Project has been able to divert food waste and excess food from O'ahu's waste stream.

The program launch targeted restaurants in O'ahu's Chinatown district, taking excess foods for redistribution, and implementing the use of locked carts to secure food waste materials that are taken to Full Circle Farm, upcycled into compost, and used to nourish soil to "help grow more local food".

The Sure-Loc cart locks used in this Pilot Program make it easier for cities, communities, and municipalities to take such a huge step towards sustainability by properly and effectively securing the food scraps meant for composting. As one city official said, the Sure-Loc "keeps out pests, keeps in odor, and keeps out contamination". By keeping out pests and contaminants, the Sure-Loc is able to ensure that the food waste does not become litter or make its way back into the waste stream. Instead, the food scraps are kept safe and secure, maximizing the amount of food scraps that can then be sent to compost at Full Circle Farm and returned into O'ahu's food system.

In addition to securing the organics waste, keeping in odor and preventing litter make having an organics cart an easier and more attractive choice for business owners as the carts prevent trash and scavengers on their property.

The O'ahu Compost Project has been such a success that they are already looking to expand to include more local businesses, and the results of their two-year pilot program will show the "potential for scalability and replication".

We are very proud that our Sure-Loc has done its job in helping the OCP work towards a more sustainable food system, reducing the waste stream by 20% through elimination of food waste, improving food security, conserving energy and resources, and increasing resources for local agricultural producers.

The Sure-Loc is an essential part in any sustainability program, as it checks a lot of boxes in ensuring the waste that gets disposed into the carts remains secure and by making using the carts an easy and attractive choice for home and business owners. To get more information on how Serio-US Lock can be part of your program, or how Serio-US Lock can help you start a Pilot Program of your own, contact Estelle at


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