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Pilot Program Update

a row of trash, recycling, or organics carts on a curb. from left to right the colors are yellow, blue, red, and green.

At last year's CRRA show, Serio-US Lock announced a pilot program using our Sure-Loc on organics carts to measure the impact on eliminating contamination and increasing participation. A city official in Hawaii recently observed that their organics cart lids with the Sure-Loc installed "keep out pests, keep in odor, and keep out contamination". We want to help cities and counties in California document these same results.

We have been working with several locations around the state to engage stakeholders, plan the projects, define metrics, and identify routes. After much planning and effort, The City of Woodland is launching its pilot and putting organic carts with Sure-Locs installed on the street.

This project has been led by Rosie Ledesma, the Environmental Resource Analyst at the City of Woodland who said they will be monitoring both contamination and "participation from the businesses as they have not wanted to even use carts for both recycling and organics without having some kind of solution". Rosie and the team hope to have more to report soon. We will provide updates as the pilot proceeds.


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