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SFPC 2023 Recap

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Jay Leshefsky with the Executive Director of the South Florida Planning Commission

The annual South Florida Planning Conference held at the Broward Performing Arts Center on October 20, 2023, was a gathering of influential figures and stakeholders in the region's planning and waste management sector. Among the distinguished attendees were elected officials, Solid Waste Directors representing seven participating counties, and a diverse group of waste industry professionals and interested members of the public.

Serio-US Lock proudly stood as one of the two esteemed Silver Sponsors, allowing us a prominent table display, as well as taking to the stage in an engaging panel discussion centered on the "Myths and Myth Busting of Recycling".

Jay Leshefsky with Sue Flak

During the presentation, Serio-US Lock partnered with Indian River to showcase the remarkable success of our Sure-LOC Program implemented in their county parks. The collaborative effort demonstrated how this innovative approach is now being extended to multi-family stops, revolutionizing waste management practices.

Within the conference room, where exhibit tables and presentations shared space, time was a precious commodity. The Serio-US Lock team made the most of their display, offering informative flyers and samples to intrigued visitors. Indian River, an invaluable partner, even brought along one of their carts, showcasing it on the other side of the room.

The conference was not only an opportunity for Serio-US Lock to showcase our cutting-edge solutions but also a platform to explore potential partnerships.

Jay Leshefsky with Himanshu

Several counties expressed keen interest in initiating pilot programs. Conversations with representatives from Miami-Dade County, Boynton Beach, and Coral Springs hinted at the potential for future collaborations.

Despite the politically-oriented nature of the event, it was evident that the interest and momentum generated for these waste management innovations were palpable. We feel the groundwork has been laid for transformative change in the South Florida waste management landscape.

Serio-US Lock left the South Florida Planning Conference with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that our contributions and innovations are poised to make a lasting impact on the region's waste management practices. Our attendance at the event served as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in waste management, and we look forward to building on these promising connections moving forward.


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