Auto Bar

Side Mount Automatic Dumpster Lock

Automatic lock efficiency in a sturdy and slim profile
alb keyed on can
alb keyed lock side
alb keyed dummy side
Auto Bar Automatic Dumpster Lock

Auto Bar Thin Profile View

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  • No cable needed - Lock is enclosed in side plate

  • Utra thin design is easy to handle and reduces potential of hitting the hopper

  • Easily installed on plastic or metal containers

  • Corrosion Resistant - All parts are powder coated, zinc plated or stainless steel

  • Universal fit for all flat or sloped containers

  • Crossbar extends completely over lids for maximum security

  • Built in stop holds bar off lids to avoid damage

  • Spring Assist automatically returns bar to locked position after dump

  • Preassembled for easy bolt or weld on installation

How It Works

An automatic SERIO-US® LOCK takes the hassle out of locking and unlocking the dumpster. The customer does not have to unlock it for the hauler because it unlocks automatically when dumped by the truck.  The driver’s job is simple. Just stay in the truck and lift the can as if the lock were not there.

Customer Operation
To use the trash container, simply unlock the padlock, turn the lever up to disengage Auto Bar and pull the bar forward to free the lids.  To secure the container, simply reverse the process.
Auto Bar Locked With Padlock
Auto Bar Locked With Padlock