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Auto Bar

Side Mount Automatic Dumpster Lock

Keyed Access - No Padlock Needed
alb keyed on can
alb keyed lock side
alb keyed dummy side
Auto Bar Automatic Dumpster Lock

Auto Bar Thin Profile View

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  • Lock mechanism is enclosed in side plate

  • Utra thin design is easy to handle and reduces potential of hitting the hopper

  • Easily installed on plastic or metal containers

  • Corrosion Resistant - All parts are powder coated, zinc plated or stainless steel

  • Universal fit for all flat or sloped containers

  • Crossbar extends completely over lids for maximum security

  • Built in stop holds bar off lids to avoid damage

  • Spring Assist automatically returns bar to locked position after dump

  • Preassembled for easy bolt or weld on installation

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